FarmVille Crop Mastery retuned in April 13th update


Along with Tuesday nights Updates to FarmVille on 04.13.10, there was also a "retuning" of Crop Mastery!

Crop Mastery requirements have changed for some crops. Please note, if you have already mastered a specific crop whose mastery has changed, your rewards will NOT be taken away. You can keep your Crop Mastery and Crop Mastery Sign.

Please read all the details below directly from FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious.

"Hey Farmers!

As FarmVille is currently still in Beta, we will occasionally be making adjustments and changes to existing features as the game grows. With tonight's update, we are retuning the Mastery requirements of certain crops. Before we list the new values, there are a few points we want to make clear first: