FarmVille and Treasure Isle cross-promotion: Free Seagull

farmville treasure isle seagulls cross promotion

Zynga is promoting one of their new games, Treasure Isle, with a FarmVille and Treasure Isle cross- promotion!

You will be able to gift your FarmVille friends a free Seagull, accessible through the FarmVille Gifting Page. The Seagull is a Treasure Isle animal FarmVille exclusive and can only be sent or received as gift from your FarmVille neighbors.

seagull makes its way to farmville from treasure isle

Read more details from FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious after the break.

"Starting with tonight's release you'll be able to give your friends and neighbors a free Seagull, courtesy of Zynga's latest game, Treasure Isle!

farmville treasure isle seagulls max

Head on over to the Free Gifts page to check out the Treasure Seagull as one of the new items you can send. Once you've sent our new feathered friend to someone and they accept, they'll be taken to this page. To give Zynga's new treasure hunting and island living game a try, just click the banner below your gift information to be taken to Treasure Isle's installation page (don't worry, it opens in another window). If you're lucky enough to have a friend send you the Treasure Seagull, it'll be waiting for you in your Giftbox whenever you come back to the Farm! "

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