Chew and save with gum's other uses

gum uses
gum uses

In honor of the Iowa teen who made her prom dress out of Wrigley gum wrappers, WalletPop rounded up a pack of budget-stretching alternative uses for gum. We also couldn't resist tying the sticky stuff to Earth Day on April 22. It's a reusable resource that doesn't have to be destined for the bottom of your shoe.

Memory Builder: Who needs Ginkgo Biloba when you have a stick of Big Red? People who chew gum during memory tests score higher than those who don't, according to

Glue Substitute: Can't make it to Office Depot? You can rejoin broken ceramic flower pots or doggie bowls with well-chewed gum, says Readers Digest. You can also use a tiny piece to fasten papers instead of staples. Make sure to let it dry. And be prepared to explain why your corporate memo smells like Juicy Fruit.