Will ads on your Twitter feed annoy you?

Twitter will start placing ads on its site starting today. This is the first time the four-year-old company is allowing ads on its microblogging site, an attempt to actually make some money off what has become a very popular activity for many.
The ads will appear at the top of search results, much like Google's very successful search-advertising. That's all fine and good, but over time, ads could start to appear in the stream of posts people see when they log onto their accounts. This seems like it could get annoying fast, and perhaps turn people off to tweeting if they're bombarded with ads. Even Twitter's CEO has said he is concerned with irritating users.
But Twitter ads could be good news for businesses, who until now had to rely on people signing up to follow their companies to get the word out about their products. Now they will be able to show ads for their products anytime someone searches for a particular keyword.
Up to 10 percent of users Tuesday will be able to see the ads, and there will be around 10 initial advertisers, including Best Buy, Starbucks and Virgin America, according to the Wall Street Journal.