Discover Your Career Passion Through VocationVacations

vocation vacation
vocation vacation

Do you spend a good chunk of your time at work fantasizing about a new career? Are you stuck in an office cubicle longing for a job that allows you to be outdoors or are you a corporate stiff who wishes you were running your own business? Imagine if you could test-drive the career of your dreams completely risk free. You can! VocationVacations, launched in 2004 by Brian Kurth, offers the opportunity to try out one of over 175 unique careers.

During a vocation vacation, "vocationers" spend one to three days with one of the program's 500 pre-approved passionate and committed mentors and are immersed in their dream career. Some of Kurth's "graduates" have gone on to become dog day care owners, cheese makers, B&B owners, comedians, makeup artists, detectives, and horse trainers. With mentors in more than 30 states and new ones being added every day, the possibilities seem endless.

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