Upromise has $10,000 prize to go toward college

UPromise contest offering $10,000 toward tuitionWant an extra $10,000 toward college tuition? Upromise has a contest for you.

Upromise, the business and web site that helps consumers save for their children's college education, is sponsoring a contest in which they'll give two winners $10,000. The money will go right into the child's college education account.

This is the third year that Upromise has done this. Upromise members have until May 5 to enter to win the two $10,000 prizes (don't fret if you don't win; a handful of finalists will also get a $500 Bank of America Visa gift card). But to enter, you have to film a 30-second video, in which you impart your wisdom and tips on how people should save or pay for higher education.

In fact, there are two categories in the contest. You can submit your video in the Saving-for-College Strategies(for parents to enter) and the Paying-for-College Strategies categories (for current college students to enter).

You can check out the official rules and learn how to go about doing this by clicking here.

And, hey, since I'm here, I might as well mention that also this month, the debt-counseling service, InCharge Debt Solutions, is conducting a $10,000 contest to pay off debts. We wrote about it on WalletPop earlier this month. Like Upromise, they make you film a video, and they also declare their contest in honor of April being Financial Literacy Month.

Just one more $10,000 contest this month, in honor of Financial Literacy Month, and I might suspect we have a trend afoot.
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