Upromise has $10,000 prize to go toward college

UPromise contest offering $10,000 toward tuition
UPromise contest offering $10,000 toward tuition

Want an extra $10,000 toward college tuition? Upromise has a contest for you.

Upromise, the business and web site that helps consumers save for their children's college education, is sponsoring a contest in which they'll give two winners $10,000. The money will go right into the child's college education account.

This is the third year that Upromise has done this. Upromise members have until May 5 to enter to win the two $10,000 prizes (don't fret if you don't win; a handful of finalists will also get a $500 Bank of America Visa gift card). But to enter, you have to film a 30-second video, in which you impart your wisdom and tips on how people should save or pay for higher education.