PetVille introduces Cafe World collectibles: 10 items in 20 days


Following on the heels of PetVille's FarmVille collectibles, the game has rolled out a new series of collectibles for another Zynga game -- Cafe World. Ten limited edition cafe-themed items will be released over the next 20 days, and will be available as a free gift for 48 hours only. From the looks in the picture above, the collection will include a chef, a mini-stove, a mini-table, mini-chair and a mini-sign as well.

petville cafe world collectibles - cafe world chef amelia
petville cafe world collectibles - cafe world chef amelia

The first item on the list is the pink pony-tail wearing Cafe World mascot -- Chef Amelia, and she'll be available for two days only. Of course, the only way to add her to your collection is to receive her as a free gift. We recommend sending them to all your friends as a *wink* and *nudge* for them them to send one back

What will be better: the PetVille FarmVille collectibles or the PetVille Cafe World collectibles?