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Brooklyn residents hear the apocalypse, complain. New York tenants can get off the black list. 'Jersey Shore' gets a spin-off in your 'hood and more. Here's what happened in New York real estate news last week:

Hope For Black-Listed Tenants:
New York City council passes the Tenant Fair Chance Act, giving hope to rental apartment seekers that have been black-listed by screening companies. The act will require landlords to inform potential renters of the companies they use to do background checks and marred tenants will be able to fix inaccuracies on the screener's report.MTV Casting "Jersey Shore" Spin-Off: Never one to change a financially good thing, MTV is looking for the next big ethnic-enclave-in-the-city to film on the heels of "Jersey Shore's" world domination. According to Gawker, producers at MTV held a casting call last week for "outrageous, out-spoken" Iranian-Americans in Beverly Hills. Name of the spin-off: "The Persian Version." Other spin-offs will include Asian-Americans in L.A. and Russian-Americans in Brighton Beach.

Heli-Cops in Brooklyn: Residents of Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo inundated blogs and state official mailboxes with complaints about a sudden spike in dooms-day-esque helicopter noise. In the end, nine elected officials implored the city to re-think unregulated helicopter flights along the East River. The New York Times reports that the noise comes courtesy of tourist sightseeing companies which recently moved downtown in compliance with a settlement made to shut down their uptown heliport.

Harlem Complex Under New Management: Owner of East Harlem's Riverton Houses taps Rose Associates to manage operations of the seven-building, 1,230-unit apartment complex that populates 135th to 138th street, from fifth avenue to the Harlem River.

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