Hats on to Earth Day! Make cute accessories with plastic bottles

Earth Day just around the corner and don't have a thing to wear? DIY designer, Erica Domesek has teamed up with Dasani to create eco-friendly accessories you can make at home -- from all those plastic water bottles cluttering up your recycling bin.

The NY-based, DIY style expert and founder of the Do-it-yourselfer site P.S. -- I Made This describes her designs as, "sort of Carrie Bradshaw meets MacGyver." Her motto: "I see it. I like it. I make it."

To help launch Dasani's new, 100% recyclable plastic PlantBottle made from a blend of plant-based materials, Domesek cooked up an easy-to-make cap from repurposed materials that mirrors the bottle's own green topper.

"I was inspired by the little green cap," said Dasani in an interview with WalletPop, "and I wanted to make something that you'd really wear." Directions to make the cap, as well as bangle bracelets and a whimsical chandelier -- all from empty PlantBottles -- can be found at Dasani.com.

If there's no time for an arts an crafts sesh before the big day, Dasani has got your back. It will be giving away 200 of Domeseks' limited edition green caps at the Satine Boutique in Los Angeles on April 22. Register to win at Satineboutique.com before April 21.

And want something to turn your friends even greener? For every cap given away, Dasani will make a contribution to the Ocean Conservancy -- totaling $50,000. Hats off to that.

Ultimately, Domesek says, crafting personal style from things found around the house can be both fun and fashionable. "If you have a passion for recycling and some creativity, it's super easy ... you don't have to be a designer or an artist." Domesek insists, "everyone can do DIY."

She also believes that inspiration can come from almost anything -- whether it's a water bottle or the latest designer trends. "It's not about focusing on what I can't afford," said Domesek, "it's about what can I make? It's recycling, it's repurposing ... it's saving money."
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