Hats on to Earth Day! Make cute accessories with plastic bottles


Earth Day just around the corner and don't have a thing to wear? DIY designer, Erica Domesek has teamed up with Dasani to create eco-friendly accessories you can make at home -- from all those plastic water bottles cluttering up your recycling bin.

The NY-based, DIY style expert and founder of the Do-it-yourselfer site P.S. -- I Made This describes her designs as, "sort of Carrie Bradshaw meets MacGyver." Her motto: "I see it. I like it. I make it."

To help launch Dasani's new, 100% recyclable plastic PlantBottle made from a blend of plant-based materials, Domesek cooked up an easy-to-make cap from repurposed materials that mirrors the bottle's own green topper.

"I was inspired by the little green cap," said Dasani in an interview with WalletPop, "and I wanted to make something that you'd really wear." Directions to make the cap, as well as bangle bracelets and a whimsical chandelier -- all from empty PlantBottles -- can be found at Dasani.com.