Happy Island: Build your own Cadillac Ranch tourist attraction

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If you want to keep your Happy Island tourists from growing bored with the same old beach-side attractions, try entertaining them by creating your very own Cadillac Ranch. In case you're not familiar with the term 'Cadillac Ranch,' it refers to a real-life art installation in Texas, where 10 cars are buried, nose-first, in the ground, and has appeared in ads, on album covers and made a cameo in the Pixar film, Cars. ANY-way, three half-buried rides rolled into the Happy Island market on April 13. Here's the breakdown:

Land Cruiser: 3,400 coins
Half Caddy: 1,700 coins
Driven Aground: 2,600 coins

Happy Island cars

Have you started building your Cadillac Ranch in Happy Island yet?
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