Birdfeeders for the Yardless

easy DIY birdfeederYou don't need beat poetry to attract a Bohemian Waxwing, or flashy clothes to attract a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Nope; you just need a bird feeder. Bird watching and feeding provides a simple pleasure, and, your efforts to feed them can counteract the winged migrations' habitat loss.

Don't despair if your apartment and other rented space doesn't include a yard. Here are some ideas and tips to bring avian friends to your window.

Choose or Build a Small Bird Feeder

Small, self-contained feeders are best for apartments. Select one that requires the least amount of hardware to display.

For the least expense and greatest satisfaction, DIY-enthusiasts have a lot of make-your-own-birdfeeder options. Use household items to build your bird feeder (for example, by combining a potato chip can and sardine tin). Or, construct a squirrel-proof bird feeder from PVC pipe. Finches are happy to thistle seed eat from a bird feeder constructed from a section of pantyhose tied off in a knot.

Choose Seed

An all-purpose bird seed is a great way to start. Another option is peanut butter. Do not put rice in the bird feeder. You can offer more specific dietary choices once you become familiar with the birds in your area and what they prefer to eat.

Position Wisely

Consider the placement of your bird feeder carefully (by your window garden, perhaps?). Position it so that it is away from bird dangers such as electric wires, busy traffic, or other equipment. Be considerate of your neighbors, too, to minimize the chance that others will find the birds disturbing.

Add Water

Birds frequently need a source of water just as much, if not more than, a source of food. A small dish of water can be very beneficial. Choose a non-reflective dish with room to perch.

In a worst-case scenario where feeders are not an option, but you yearn for the dulcet tones of happy, chirpy birds, might we suggest a greatest hits album of sorts. Or heading out to the park.
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