Can you dig it? Treasure Isle blows past 7 million players in 10 days

Treasure Isle 7 million served in 10 days
Treasure Isle 7 million served in 10 days

Treasure Isle seems to have struck gold for Zynga, with over 7 million players digging in to the treasure hunting game in just over a week.

To play Treasure Isle, create an avatar and then start digging for gold and other items on a series of islands until your daily allotment of energy runs out. Your tiny treasure seeker also has a customizable island of his/her own, complete with FarmVille style crop-planting and harvesting, and there is the requisite social elements, e.g. sending gifts and visiting friends' islands.

Whether people just love looking for buried treasure or the fact that this game is advertised across the biggest games on Facebook -- these numbers insidcate that Zynga may have yet another big hit on its hands.

Treasure Isle blew past Playdom's Social City, which seems to have hit a (still impressive) plateau at 13M players and Playfish's Hotel City, which has gained 4 million players since its launch on March 17. In the meantime, Zynga's Poker Blitz, aka 'poker for the masses' has seen molasses-like growth, with 1.2 million players after four weeks. Guess serious poker fans aren't digging it and non-poker players are apathetic.

In the meantime, you'll be able to find us yielding our shovels in an attempt to unearth some rare Puka shell jewelry.

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