Spa Week deals will rub you the right way for $50


Vajazzling for $50? It must be Spa Week!

Spa Week (April 12-18), that paragon of price-reduced pampering, returns with spas and salons nationwide offering extravagant treatments for $50 each.

"We're going to go through a lot of wax," Meri Mireles, the owner of Strippers Waxing Salon and Boutique in Washington, D.C., told WalletPop.

That would be for Mireles' popular "surprise package," a combination of Brazilian waxing and Vajazzling, in which Swarovski crystals are glued into a design just above your privates. It's all the rage, but first you'll have to stop blushing ...,feedConfig,entry&id=498446&pid=498445&uts=1271087446

Spa Week Deals

Do you have a Spa Week deal near you? Here are some cosmetic or relaxation procedures you may want to try.

Spa Week

Eduardo Verdugo, AP

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