Spa Week deals will rub you the right way for $50

Vajazzling for $50? It must be Spa Week!

Spa Week (April 12-18), that paragon of price-reduced pampering, returns with spas and salons nationwide offering extravagant treatments for $50 each.

"We're going to go through a lot of wax," Meri Mireles, the owner of Strippers Waxing Salon and Boutique in Washington, D.C., told WalletPop.

That would be for Mireles' popular "surprise package," a combination of Brazilian waxing and Vajazzling, in which Swarovski crystals are glued into a design just above your privates. It's all the rage, but first you'll have to stop blushing ...

The bargain beauty ballyhoo doesn't stop there. WalletPop scoured the country to round up more of the most intriguing, money-saving deals for Spa Week. (A full menu is listed at the Spa Week Web site, and be sure to follow the directions for signing up.)

SAVING FACE: You can get a 60-minute colostrum mask -- that's milk from grass-fed cows to reduce those lines -- at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc. The milkings are done just hours after the cows give birth, Spa Week's Kelly Verdi wanted you to know, so we know it's fresh! The procedure normally runs in the $120 range.

SMOOTH OPERATOR: What's a Spa Week without Botox? Get 10 units of the wrinkle-smoothing injectible at SkinMD in Seattle. That's enough to "take the edge off," Verdi assured. It's a good deal, too, deal when you consider that each unit of Botox costs between $9 and $12.

IN LIVING COLOR: Get the bronze without the biopsy with a "Luxe Luminescent" airbrush tanning at Nusta Spa in Washington, D.C. That includes a body polish, 25-minute massage, topped by a spray-tan and moisturizing. Choose your hue. You'll save $70 off the everyday price.

TOE PARTY: Foot fetishists, rejoice: The Halcyon Days Salon and Spa at Neiman Marcus in Dallas is offering a peppermint sea salt pedicure. Yum!

NEEDLE THEE: Those who always wanted to try acupuncture but were scared off by the price will find relief at MetaTouch Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center in Culver City, Calif. MetaTouch usually charges $90 for a first session, so that's a savings of nearly 56%. The center is also doing pregnancy massages for Spa Week. Pregnancy not included.

WASTE REDUCTION: Work on your inside beauty by undergoing colon hydroptherapy, like the one offered at Beljanski Wellness Center in New York City. Water pressure is involved. Spa Week told WalletPop it's the first time the procedure has been available for Spa Week.

A TOAST: How about a bit of the bubbly to celebrate your skin? Channing's Day Spa in Chicago has your Champagne body wrap. Champagne-infused exfoliating will uncork the sparkle in your epidermis.

SMOOCH ENHANCER: We end with a kiss goodbye to your measly kisser. The Syringe Prevelle Silk Lip Plumping at SmoothMED in New York is supposed to be (almost) painless and put the boom in your bisou. The active ingredient is a clear gel made of hyaluronic acid. The effect lasts six to nine months. Just in time for another Spa Week.

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