Save Energy and Money: Reduce the Vampire

vampire energy"I vant to suck your blood, er, I mean,...disposable income!"

The vampire bite that truly hurts is the one that sucks money from your wallet. As Earth Day approaches (April 22nd) we all wholeheartedly endorse energy conservation, but it's easy to overlook the daily energy waste that trickles to tsunami levels as a result of our plugged-in lifestyles.

This waste, dubbed "vampire energy", costs us - big time. Americans spend an estimated $3 billion unnecessarily thanks to the energy sucked by appliances, electronics, and computer accessories. You can probably think of a few things you'd rather purchase with your share of the money wasted...
If you want to save energy and, of course, money it pays to be mindful and follow the mantra, "unplug, unplug, unplug..." The energy saved simply by unplugging can really add up. Students at York University, Canada's third-largest university, managed to save 3.5% of energy use over one long weekend simply by unplugging their unused devices. They managed to save 16.3 metric tons of carbon - about the same offset as 419 seedling trees over the course of ten years.

That's just one weekend!

But, let's face it, do we need one more thing on our To-Do lists? Can we really remember to unplug every electronic gadget every time it's not in use? So, if you're not the Type-A obsessive compulsive type, perhaps the new energy-saving iGo device can help you...

iGo offers six different power options to reduce your vampire energy waste and cost. They include: two types of surge protectors, two kinds of laptop chargers, and yes, even a solar charger.

Both power strip/surge protectors feature a combination of plugs - half of which are always "on" and the other half which switch on as necessary. It's the latter feature that reduces up to 85% of your standby power energy use.

Simple behavioral changes and upgraded tools like these can reduce your "vampire suckage." And no doubt: they work better at repelling these electric vampires than garlic.

Friend-to-the-environment, Good Magazine created an informative graphic to explain from where your energy and money is sucked. They also produced a vampire energy video - sucking sounds included:

More energy-saving and earth-friendly ideas here at Apartment Earth.
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