Quote of the Moment: "It's already been done"


"I wish I could say I paid more attention to [recent game sales trends] . . . I worry more about the macro trends - what kinds of games people are playing and what they want to play. I'm not a guy who ever says, 'Oh my God, social games are hot right now. We have to go make a social game,' or 'Kids games are hot,' or 'The [Nintendo] Wii is hot; we have to go make Wii games.' I tend to look at what's the underlying notions of those. Like, why are social games popular and how does that apply to what we do? . . . If you just try to do exactly what somebody else has done, it's too late. It's already been done."

-Irrational Games General Manager Ken Levine explains why his company isn't eager to jump on the social gaming bandwagon