Pet Society goes Japan: Review

Pet Society Japan
Pet Society Japan

Is there anything more beautiful than a cherry blossom tree or a delicately folded paper crane? Sigh. We are LOVING the new Japanese theme in Pet Society this week. There are so many great items to buy, we're madly making visits to friends and shooing away flies to earn some coins.

Aliza gives five paws to the Zen Garden Door (pictured above). She says that the pink wind chime moves back and forth. This is a regular item, costing 2000 coins at the DIY Shop, and is a great alternative for those who don't want to pay 14 cash coins for the Mount Fuji view at the Boutique.

Other items that Aliza's pet is using:
Wave Painting: 4750 coins at the Market (Toys & Collectable)
Anime wig: 1200 coins at the Clothes Shop (Hair Stylist)
Japanese Traditional Wallpaper: 800 coins at DIY
Pink Kotatsu with Sleeping Cat: 3000 coins at the Furniture Store
Ceremonial Teapot & Tea Cups: 400 coins and 250 coins, Furniture Store
(The Japanese scroll and the pink bonsai are from last year.)