'Jersey Shore' Returns to Seaside Heights, Neighbors Mixed

So how does the real Jersey Shore feel about the return of MTV's "Jersey Shore" show to Seaside Heights? The big-hair beauty parlors and tanning salons are probably rejoicing, as is the owner of Bamboo and Karma, the clubs favored by Snooki and the rest of the cast. Not to mention the owner of the house at 1209 Ocean Terrace, who has been renting the place this spring for $1,800 a night, for Sweet Sixteen parties and other events. In other words, people who make money from the show have put out the welcome mat. But the area cop shops, not so much...

Just last week Stephen Izzo, who was famously knocked out by Ronnie Ortiz –Magro during Season 1, was arrested by the Berkeley Township Police Department
and charged with aggravated assault against a police officer, resisting arrest, driving while intoxicated, and other motor vehicle charges. This is the same guy who was in court earlier this year trying (unsuccessfully) to block the release of MTV's boxed set of "Jersey Shore," claiming the knockout episode caused him embarrassment.
Many area residents are also less-than-thrilled about the return of the guidos and guidettes.The April 10 edition of the Asbury Park Press had an editorial titled: "More Flotsam in Seaside." It included reader comments: "Another summer of 'garbage' that washed up at the Jersey Shore. Exactly what this show is." And "Why would Seaside Heights allow MTV to continue filming this garbage? It makes Seaside and the Shore look like a complete cesspool of fights, drunks and complete idiots. Seaside should revoke the permit to film this show."
The answer to that last comment is this: the borough cannot deny a permit to shoot unless the content is illegal or involves nudity. Fights, drunks and complete idiots may be filmed. In a recent interview, Borough Administrator John A. Camera took a "you gotta take the bad with the good attitude." "Bottom line," he said, "it's not what we'd pick as the promo piece for Seaside Heights. But the magnitude of the audience they've reached has been well worth some of the negative aspects of it."

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