Graduation on the cheap

graduation on the cheap
graduation on the cheap

If you aren't completely broke by the time you finish your four-year degree, just wait. The cost of graduating can take any money you have left. According to a recent post on the University of Georgia's newspaper Web site, the costs of college graduation and all the accouterments can add up to $1,996. Things like class rings, diploma framing, and alumni associations add up fast. But there is no reason you have to spend so much. Use these ideas to save some cash for your graduation celebration.

Skimp on:
You don't have to pay $150 -- $205 to frame your diploma. Cut the price in half or more by doing it yourself. Get a custom frame made especially in your school colors with mat and framing instructions for as little as $88 from It will look like you had it framed by a professional. Alternately, get a very inexpensive, but still attractive, diploma frame and mat from a hobby store for an average of $20.

You can get a great class ring for $425 -- $1,370 but why buy the ring on campus when there are less expensive online sources? For less than $200 at Dunham Manufacturing or Limoges Jewelry, you can get a class ring with your school's name and insignia.