FarmVille: New Vehicle for Gold Reward

FarmVille School Bus Plow as Gold Reward
One of the new Co-op Jobs offers a School Bus Plow as the Gold Reward-A Very Berry Field Trip Job. It has been discovered that the School Bus Plow is a 9 crop tractor, similar to the Hot Rod Tractor. (The Hot Rod Tractor- and other Hot Rods- were a special you could receive by being a certain level in Mafia Wars) One of our very own FarmVille Freak Moderators, shannon97405, who calls her farm "TinyVille" reported that the The School Bus Plow is a 3×3 vehicle!

Do you think there will be other 3×3 vehicles available thought Co-op Gold Rewards?

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.
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