FarmVille: Complete Set of FarmVille Foals


Placing a Wandering Stallion or White Stallion in your stable gives you a chance to breed a Foal, of which 5 of your friends may adopt after posting it to your Facebook homefeed. There are currently 8 breeds of Foals. FarmVille Benjoni recently sent us a request to see all them on a farm:

Farmville Freak DarkFarmer's Foals
Farmville Freak DarkFarmer's Foals

The above picture of DarkFarmer's farm shows the White Foal, Clydesdale Foal, Brown Foal, Grey Foal, Pinto Foal, Percheron Foal, Pink Pony Foal and Pony Foal.

In the last podcast Lexilicious mentioned that a Nursery Barn was headed to FarmVille, this new building with purpose will allow us to grow our Calves and Foals into adults.

Do you want to grow your Foals/Calves into adults? Or keep them babies forever?

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.

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