Cafe World: Wall Postable "Mystery Gift Box"


Zynga played a little bit with how the Daily Bonus is being handled and made it even cooler than the new special rewards of Restaurant City. One of the biggest additions is the Mystery Gift Box, one you can earn from your friends' activity, and one that holds amazing prizes inside. Read on to find out everything about the Mystery Gift Box in Cafe World!

Cafe World Mystery Gift Box
Cafe World Mystery Gift Box

What is this Mystery Gift Box, after all?

It is a prize awarded to Cafe World players who click on the wall feed of their friends who logged in to Cafe World and cooked for more than three days in a row. It can be also received as a gift from friends who decide to share a Mystery Gift after getting one themselves (similar to the Lottery tickets).

What can you find inside the Mystery Gift Box in Cafe World?

You can find tons of stuff, like anything between 1-4 Cafe Cash, various amounts of coins, Cafe Points and even free dishes, or a Red Smooch Chair, Baseball Chair and Happy Tiger Bench. Overall - a really cool new addition to the game, don't you think?

This article originally appeared on Social Games Help.