ThredUP offers WalletPoppers VIP pass to swap kids clothes

swap kids clothing at ThredUP WalletPop readers were among the first to get the scoop on ThredUP's newest swapportunity for kids in ThredUP offers free kids clothes and promo code for WalletPop. Now that the seed phase has been completed, our fiscally fabulous community is being invited to the front of the line the first day the site goes live. Using exclusive promo code WALLETPOP, WalletPoppers can commence trading children's gently used clothing for new-to-you pieces in desired sizes and styles starting Monday, April 12.

Aimed at addressing the idea that babies outgrow new clothes every three months, and ThredUP's estimate that by age 17 parents have spent nearly $20,000 clothing each kid, the style swap aims to facilitate fair trade for like-minded folks looking to save some cash for college...or food, shelter, expensive gaming devices -- you get the idea.

ThredUP's online exchange allows parents to swap with savvy strangers, or create personalized circles of family and friends. The process: Register, browse, pick, pay shipping for the box you'll be receiving ($13), prepare the USPS box you're sending, and ship your hand-me-downs for free -- from home.

One friend voiced her skepticism, "I don't know," she hemmed, "it seems like a lot of trouble to go through." Another brimmed with enthusiasm and couldn't wait to give the system a trial run. It seems there's really only one way to find out.
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