Three Nonprofits that Specialize in Career Advancement

Job seekers who don't know where to turn in their quest for employment can get help from numerous nonprofit agencies for guidance.

Many nonprofits across the country make it their mission to help place unemployed workers into jobs that they are qualified for. In addition to job placement, these agencies also offer career counseling, résumé critique and even specialized services for veterans, seniors, or people with criminal backgrounds.

Goodwill Industries International

An agency known for clothing and toy donations, Goodwill is one of the best nonprofits to turn to when looking for a job. On the Goodwill website they even boast that "every 42 seconds of each workday, someone earns a job with Goodwill's help." A Goodwill career center can offer training for jobs in health care, IT, retail sales, food services, banking and manufacturing.

If you need help with everything from your computer skills to building a resume, Goodwill is a job seeker's one stop shop. In addition to offering a variety of services to job seekers nationwide, Goodwill has a strong relationship with local businesses, meaning that unemployed workers can benefit from the agency's solid reputation.

Project Quest, Inc.

Located in San Antonio, Project Quest works to recruit, train and place unemployed workers into jobs. Project Quest believes that many who are unemployed are in need of skills training and guidance in order to succeed. Case managers ensure that each participant is given the services they need so they can complete the program and walk out with a new job.

With a mission to offer training opportunities to economically disadvantaged adults, Project Quest announced that many of their graduates were able to increase their salaries by $20,000 after acquiring new skills through the program.

Experience Works

Low-income seniors in need of training or employment can look to Experience Works, a nonprofit that has been receiving a lot of attention as older workers are finding retirement difficult in a weak economy. Chartered in 1965, Experience Works believes that seniors deserve the chance to acquire new skills in order to be successful in the new job market.

The nonprofit encourages communities to take advantage of the knowledge and experience seniors have in various industries, and in return the agency pays for any training needed. Experience Works has offices in 30 states across the country, open to participants over the age of 55 and small businesses who wish to partner with the agency to employ workers.

If you're looking for a nonprofit that will help give you the confidence to start your job search, check out organizations such as A Miner Miracle or Dress for Success. Both nonprofits offer image counseling to low-income workers who need help making a better first impression during the job search.

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