Top Posts on HousingWatch This Week


It was a hot week for celebrity real estate news, with four of our six most popular posts following the buying and selling habits of the stars. But there were also serious doings, too: former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan testified before a Congressional Committee (hint: It wasn't his fault) and Goldman Sachs said it didn't profit from the subprime crisis (It wasn't their fault, either). Read on to see what else was popular on HousingWatch this week - including, of all things, dog poo.

1. Nicolas Cage Bel Air Home on Auction Block

Former Hollywood A-lister Nic Cage has been better known in recent years for his bad decisions (see: his latest hairstyle [left]; naming a son after a Superman character; Bangkok Dangerous -- be assured you can skip that one). To add insult to injury: His historic Bel Air mansion was auctioned off - but drew zero bidders. Read more.

2. Tampa Homes Get Doggy Treatment
The recent uptick in city-center condo sales - spurred by post-bubble-burst price reductions - has come with an unexpected downside: urban poo. Having left their sprawling, suburban lawns behind (as well as, apparently, their consideration for neighbors), pet-owners have taken to the streets for Fido's daily constitutional. See how cities like Tampa are fighting back. Read more.