Mafia Wars Weapon Depo: Build a 'little friend' of your own

farmville weapons depot

A weapon is a mobster's best friend; and with the new Mafia Wars Weapons Depot, you can build a few friends of your very own. The Weapons Depot is the newest Mafia Wars Property, and when we signed onto the game Friday morning, we discovered one of these functional buildings alongside the other Mafia Wars New York Properties.
mafia wars weapons depot level 1
A Little Help From The Family

Without any additional effort, The Mafia Wars Weapons Depot was up, running and ready to build a Random Common Weapon, (we built a Cricket Bat, complete with bloody trim). Just like the Chop Shop, the Weapons Depot is upgradeable; and with a little help from your family, you can increase your Depot productivity to generate more parts and build stronger weapons. Some of those weapons include: First Blood, a Crossbow with 49 Attack and 13 Defense; the Robber's Utility belt with 33 Attack, 41 Defense and a 6 point Stamina upgrade; or a Plasma Rifle with 40 Attack, 47 Defense and a 5 point Defense Upgrade.

Better and Stronger
Your Weapons Depot starts out at Level 1; but that's just the beginning. You can construct your Depot, step by step, to enhance your weapons production. The savvy criminal will find it easy to acquire 4 each of 5 items: Forges, Arc Welders, Buzzsaws, Gun Powder and Gun Drills, to bring their depot to Level 2. The required number of parts increases with each successive level; but the rewards are great: more weapons and more power with enhanced Attack and Defense capabilities to take down your toughest rivals.

mafia wars weapons depot ready to build

The Weapons Depot Upgrade
The Weapons Depot also produces weapons parts on its own. The higher the level, the more parts it produces.Your primary efforts will go into finding construction materials for ongoing Depot Upgrades. There are three ways to find materials:

mafia wars weapon depot item
- Ask Your Family
Once every 24 hours and after each Level upgrade, you can send out a plea to your family for help. With one click, they can supply one of the construction items you need for your next Weapons Depot upgrade. Or they can opt to send you tools and construction materials from either the gift menu or their personal inventories.

- Job Loot
The sharp Mafia Don... or Donna (Mafia Wars is, indeed, an equal opportunity criminal enterprise) who keeps a watchful eye, may find bonus loot from time to time. That loot could be anything, including weapon parts or the construction materials you need.

- Fight Loot
A hardworking foot soldier deserves something special when they put life and limb on the line. While attacking a rival Mafia, they may find surprise loot, including weapon parts or construction materials.

build your own weapons mafia wars

If the Weapons Depot follows the Chop Shop trend, in the future you may also expect to find weapons parts and Depot construction materials in Hidden Loot Stashes, Robbery Loot and Mystery Bags; but we'll just have to wait and see, won't we? In the meantime, your Weapons Depot is up and running and ready to create your first -- using 'Scarface' parlance -- little friend.
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