Macy's shoe sale offers high-fashion sandal bargains

Macy's great shoe sale suggestions
Macy's great shoe sale suggestions

Macy's is hawking its current footwear promotion as 'The Great Shoe Sale,' and I'm here to tell you -- it actually lives up to its name.

Your rules for this savings romp: choose 3 pairs from the tons of marked-down styles, get 30% off. Two pairs, 20% off. One pair, 15% off. And with promo code FIRSTSTEP, all orders over $75 will ship for free.

What's the best way to cash in? Take this opportunity to stock your closet with sassy summer sandals. You can get a brown or black pair anywhere, but what I love about this sale is that there are pairs in every color of the rainbow -- so take advantage.

Below, our ten best and brightest sandal picks from the sale -- all of them bearing prices that ensure you can drop three pairs into your cart and still come in under $100.