5 Reasons for Leaving a Job - if you're a Gen Y'er

Generation Yers are job hoppers. From bad management to low pay, there are numerous reasons why young, 20-something professionals are constantly moving from one job to the next. But there are also several reasons why they should continue to do just that.

Our parents may believe that job hopping could ruin a résumé or that Generation Y professionals have unrealistic expectations. The truth is, in a weakened economy young workers have every right to job hop because they're the most ideal candidates – they accept change easily, work well under pressure, and are cheaper than experienced workers.

Job layoffs may have older generations scared because they were taught to have one job for life since loyalty to a company meant something. Meanwhile, Generation Yers were taught that experience and work/life balance were more important. Chances are, most of them had more than one job during high school and changed majors more than once during their college years.

Here's why Generation Yers should continue to be on the prowl for their next big gig and why managers should start changing how they look at their youngest workers:

1. Work/Life Balance

Workers in their 20s know that they have to work hard to move up the corporate ladder, but they also value a work/life balance. Companies who don't respect this will fall victim to Generation Y job hopping, instead of retaining skilled workers. Pulling in late shifts and working on the weekends isn't appealing to young professionals, not matter what the pay.

2. Salary

Upper management may be under the impression that they can pay Generation Yers significantly less than other workers. While this may be true when it comes to experience, managers must keep in mind that this is generation that has been pushed to be well-rounded individuals. Generation Yers most likely were involved not only with their studies but in extracurricular activities and sports until college graduation. Therefore, they're well aware of how much they're worth and will walk away if offered a salary that doesn't match their expectations.

3. Job Duties

The first job or two you get out of college won't be your dream job. But a Generation Yer also won't stop until they get that dream job. As a generation that's been drilled with the line, "you have to love what you do," they're doing just that. It's more than a job for these young workers, they know it has to have meaning or they're wasting their time. So if these 20-something professionals aren't given the chance to shine, they'll walk away fast.

4. Work Environment

A good work environment is key for every Generation Yer. From getting along with co-workers to getting respect from their management, a work environment can either keep a 20-something professional from job hopping or send them packing. Management should realize that this is a generation that grew up on the Internet so they know what they want and how to get it. Showing respect and being mindful of the work environment will not only keep the Generation Yers happy, but other workers as well.

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