Get a Job Managing Jobs: 4 Benefits to Being a Job Coordinator

In a time when so many out of work professionals are on the job hunt, more and more people are turning to job coordinators to get a leg up on the competition.

Job coordinators help place workers in permanent or temporary positions while also offering résumé services and career counseling. Working as a job coordinator will not only allow you to help others, but it's a great way to network within numerous industries.

With the majority of the work being clerical and entry-level, a position as a job coordinator requires little formal education and can be a great fit for anyone looking to start a career. If you're thinking about breaking into the employment services industry as a job coordinator, here are four benefits to helping others find employment.

1. Network

As a job coordinator you'll work closely with your clients who are company hiring managers. Forming a relationship with them will help you in the future when you decide which career path you want to embark on. Plus, if you prove yourself to be reliable, they'll be more willing to help you out on another job search later on.

2. Research

When you help match unemployed workers to open jobs, you'll learn more and more about what companies are looking for in each industry. If you're confused about which company is right for you, working as a job coordinator can give you a behind-the-scenes view into a variety of careers. In addition, you'll have limitless resources at your disposal when it comes to career handbooks, resume guides and standard interview practices.

3. Assist Others

Between your own job searching experiences and what you'll learn as a job coordinator, you'll be able to help others find employment. When you're able to tell someone who has been down on their luck that they have been hired by one of your clients, it will make your job feel much more rewarding.

4. Boost Your Skills

Working as a job coordinator means that you'll be working with two sets of clients, one being hiring managers and the others being unemployed workers. Doing that means you'll develop a variety of skills that will boost your resume for future employment opportunities. From phone skills to working with people, being a job coordinator is the ideal entry level position.

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