FarmVille Official Podcast - April 9, 2010

The FarmVille April 9th Podcast is live! It includes information on updates from the past two weeks in FarmVile. You can listen to the video above, read the FarmVille Freak Summary, or read the entire Official transcript provided by FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious.


* Can be purchased for 65 FV$ or 300,000 coins.
* Only the Red Border Collie is available for coins.
* You will need to feed your Puppy Kibble once every 24 hours or it will run away (Coin Puppy).
* Kibble may be purchased for 5 FV$ or for free as a Giftable sent by your FV neighbors.
* Kibble automatically goes to your FV Gift Box.
* You have 24 hours to feed your Puppy from the first time you fed your Puppy.
* If you forget to feed your Puppy and it runs away, you will have to get it from the Pound and you will have to pay 3 FV$ to get them out.
* Since you can only have ONE Coin Puppy, you cannot purchase another Puppy if your first Puppy is in the Pound.
* If Puppy is in the Pound you will have to pay the 3 FV$ fee to get out or purchase a new Puppy with farm cash for 65 FV$.
* All Puppies will turn into full grown adult Dogs.
User-Submitted Questions:

* Q: Is there a specific place to find the FarmVille Podcast? A: and YouTube.
* Q: Does Lexilicious have a farm? A: Search for Lexi Smith on Facebook and you can add her as a neighbor and see her farm.

Battle of the Barn Yard:

* The FarmVille Cow and FarmVille Sheep are facing off to see who can get the most fans first on Facebook.
* The Cows are currently leading.
* Search for FarmVille Cows or FarmVille Sheep on Facebook to find their fan pages.

Coming Soon

* In addition to fully grown Pets (Dogs) performing special tricks, new Breeds of DOGS are coming!!!! What breed of Dogs would you like to see added to the game? Visit the FarmVille Forums to make suggestions!
* Nursery Barns for Baby Calves and Baby Foals. This new building will allow you to help your baby animals grow up and become "productive adults".
* Insta-Grow that will instantly grow your crops and help you accomplish your Co-Op farming jobs even faster!

Official FarmVille April 9th Podcast Transcript

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