Better Business Bureau can help you resolve problems with your bank

BBB a good resource when you're poorly served
BBB a good resource when you're poorly served

Have a problem with your bank? Feel like they've completely wronged you, hung you out to dry, stepped on your dignity, and there's nothing you can do about it? You should consider going to the Better Business Bureau.

As someone who used to get slammed with overdraft fees that I didn't feel were fair, I wish I'd thought of this. In the past, if I had a complaint with my bank and they couldn't resolve it, I'd just throw up the white flag and move on with my life, which was probably the right move most of the time. But on some occasions, I think I would have had a good case if I'd thought to go to the BBB.

I was talking recently to BBB spokeswoman Alison Southwick for another WalletPop story, and we drifted to another topic: the trend of banks being reported to the Better Business Bureau (complaints against banks were up in 2009 by almost 10 percent).

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