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Let RentedSpaces teach you a few new tricks this week: how to hail a taxi the high-tech way, how to live with less, how to hire a hot handyman, and more. It was all here on RentedSpaces this week.

Apartment Guru: How to Handle Noisy Sex-Door Neighbors

RentedSpaces' own Apartment Guru tackles the delicate question of how to approach your awkwardly amorous neighbors when they dial the volume up to 11. The best (hottest, at least) suggestion? Pay them back in kind. Read more.

Hail a Taxi With Your iPhone
Don't just wander the streets of the Big Apple hoping to bump into a cab (it's not always as easy as TV and movies make it out to be). Let super-cool iPod app CabSense help you hail a ride. Read more.

Downsizing: How to Live in a Small Space with Less
Think you couldn't possibly fit your life into a smaller space? Maybe it's time to take another look - see our 10 smart tips for making a small home work for you. Read more.

Renters Become Hoteliers on a new Web Site
If you're willing to start small, you can turn your dreams of running a quaint bed-and-breakfast into a reality with web site Set our own price to rent out a piece of your home. Read more.

A Virtual Butler Helps Around the House
An enterprising geek with a need for a personal assistant has hacked together a virtual butler from $700 of spare parts. "Jarvis" can do everything from adjusting the heat to updating his owner's Facebook account. Read more.

Handymen Get an Image Makeover
Anyone who's every gotten an eyeful of a less-than-attractive "plumber's butt" should be thrilled to hear about the new generation of repairmen cheekily dubbed "handyman candy/" Read more.

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