SPP Ranch: Outer Space Item invasion

Like Restaurant City and Roller Coaster Kingdom, SPP Ranch has been blasted by a wave of space-themed items. Blending the cuteness of SPP Ranch with alien technology, these new releases are definitely some of the more creative outer space items we've seen in a Facebook game.

In addition to the store items, lost goodies such as the Astrosheep Plushie (above), are turning up on ranches for players to share with their friends. Should you encounter one of these special gifts, remember to be generous, so your friends will be encouraged to be equally generous with you.

Bake a look at some of these spaced-out items after the break.

The items range from martian crystals to jetpack enhanced robot bunnies. While some of the most fantastic items cost money bought Gold, many of the items do sell for normal coins.
However, like all special SPP Ranch releases, the items are in limited stock and flying off shelves. At noon I went to buy a white spaceship and it had already sold out!

So head over to the store yourself and check out the new outer space themed items.
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