'Selling New York' Episode 4: Not in a Buyer's Market

In today's market,you can't expect to buy low and sell high, so don't even try to if you want some quick movement. That was the big message this week in Episode 4 of the HGTV series "Selling New York" which aired yesterday for those who missed it. The episode's second lesson learned was another obvious one: $5 million dollars buys you more in Connecticut (left) than it does in Manhattan. Duh! Still, this episode shows viewers the lengths CORE Group and Gumley Haft Kleier brokers will go to make their rich clients happy.
Yesterday's show challenge saw Tom Postilio, a broker with Team CORE having to break it to clients Gary and Sal that under the current market conditions, they were going to have to lower the price of their TriBeCa one bedroom (left). Initially, they were hellbent (OK, that's an exaggeration as this episode was quite tame) on keeping their listing priced at $1.495 million. After Postilio took them for some comparison viewage -- where one property had a massive terrace that made both Sal and us weak in the knees -- the duo ultimately lowered their asking price $100,000. Of course not until there was a sufficient amount of plugging to Sal's biz De Gustibus cooking school. (HGTV is really kind to people about giving them air time. Hence, last week's episode with Indashio.)

The Kleier Klan meanwhile travelway north to the faraway territory of Connecticut. In this episode the Kleiers (represented by Michele and Samantha) help a young, uber wealthy, and too-busy-to-show-up couple, Casey and Melissa, find a fabulous weekend retreat so they can entertain their lucky friends. Two awesomely huge and decadent properties are shown clocking in at $4 million and $7 million which appear to be within the couple's weekend-home budget. Michele and Samantha ooh and ahh with the rest of us and send pictures of the pads to Casey and Melissa who promptly reject both but encourage the Kleiers too keep on keepin' on for them.

Episode wisdom from CORE's Shawn Osher: Following a few bites of De Gustibus prepared cheese, Osher reminds Postilio when dealing with a client who is both a buyer and seller that, "When you are buying in this market you have the upper hand, when you are selling, you are at a disadvantage."

What nugget will we get next week? Stay tuned for more home TV coverage.

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