PetVille: New Bluebell Flower Challenge

PetVille has rolled out a new challenge for fans eager to earn some goodies. "Bluebell, My Belle" calls for pets to place seven bouquets of bluebells in their homes.
To buy flowers, find a vase in your pet's house and click it, just like you would the food bowl to buy food. A flower menu of sorts will open and bluebells are located at the top left of the screen.

Compared to others, this challenge is relatively easy, especially for higher leveled pets. Bluebells are the cheapest and fastest wilting flower, only costing 50 coins and replaceable after just 2 hours.
Don't forget, if you've unlocked additional rooms, many of them come with vases of their own that can be filled with bluebells. It is possible to own up to four vases in which case, this challenge can be completed in just two hours!

Head over to PetVille to get started on this challenge, it's only around for another four days.
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