Miami Condo With Designer Parking Spot, Zero View

Herzog & de Meuron, 1111 Lincoln Road in Miami's South BeachLook, it's a parking garage!
No, it's a shopping mall!
Wait, it's a 2-bedroom, 2.5 bath condo that will set you back about $2 million!

To be precise, the new mixed-use building complex at 1111 Lincoln Road in Miami's South Beach is all of the above and more - parking spaces, high end retail, and 4 condo residences - wrapped up in a striking concrete-and-steel structure by the Swiss star-architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, the dynamic duo that gave us the Beijing "bird's nest" National Stadium and the copper-clad M. H. de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Now they're injecting some classy design into the Miami real estate market, still shaking off the doldrums of price deflation and overloaded inventory, but ready it appears to take a bet on an innovative development (the Swiss duo are also designing the Miami Art Museum).However, after parting with your hard earned money, you might feel a bit odd asking friends to come over for dinner in your parking garage. OK, the 2,500-square foot condos are not in the 7-story garage but next to it over an adjacent bank branch building (there is a 5,000-square foot penthouse atop the garage but that belongs to the building's developer, Robert S. Wennett).

So what do you get for 2 mill? Don't expect that ultimate Miami amenity: an ocean view.

These condos are inland, near the "urban energy" (as the complex's website says) of the Lincoln Road mall, and are designed around secluded interior gardens and courtyards, Moroccan-style, looking inward. They come with aluminum entry gates designed by the architects; handcrafted terrazzo flooring; museum quality level 5 drywall (not the Chinese stuff, please); and Boffi fixtures everywhere.

No sand or waves or bikini-clad bodies anywhere, but you do get bragging rights for a Herzog & de Meuron building to impress your friends who come down for the annual Art Basel Miami and Design Miami jamborees. In other words, these condos are not for your typical snowbird retirees. "We think of them more as a second home for an art lover who appreciates the quality of design and doesn't necessarily need a view," says Douglas Elliman broker Christian Kawas, who notes that there's a Taschen art bookstore in the building.

At a cost of $2 million these 4 residences (think limited edition) are in the top line luxury range for Miami and we don't know if buyers will pay that much for city-like seclusion in a place that's all about outdoor preening. Still, you will have an outpost of Danny Meyer's Shake Shack in the retail compound if you need a burger. And with the car park (as they call it, British-style) next door, you won't have to fight for a place to stash the Beemer - each condo comes of course with not one but two deeded designer parking spaces.

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