I Want This Mid-Century Ju-Nel Jewel in East Dallas

Architects Lyle Rowley and Jack Wilson burst onto the burgeoning Dallas housing scene in 1958 with their own refreshing designs for those young, post-war families returning to Dallas, grabbing up homes faster than they could be built. Proteges of famed Dallas architect Howard Meyer and Frank Lloyd Wright, they built about 50 homes in the Dallas area that exist today. Including this one at 9745 Wisterwood. It's one of the smaller Ju-Nel homes sprinkled across the White Rock Lake area, about four miles east of downtown Dallas, built in the early 1960's. And it's priced well, I think, at $315,000.
Ownership of the Ju-Nel homes has almost become an exclusive club. To say that Lyle Rowley and Jack Wilson were ahead of their time is an understatement. They applied green techniques back when green was just a color -- maximizing topography, preserving trees at all costs, energy efficiency and smooth, open floor plans in not-so-huge homes. Their style may have been influenced by the Case Study Homes in California about the same time. The homes were named after Lyle and Jack's wives, Julie and Nelda -- Ju-Nel.

Fifty years later, this quaint Ju-Nel home is better than ever. Updated with dark-ebony-stained hardwood floors, slate flooring in the kitchen, pure-white Corian counters and gourmet appliances. Yet the updates have not detracted from the home's mid-century appeal. Three bedrooms, two updated baths, a 71-by-125-foot lot with gorgeous trees, a wood deck and wood-on-wood fence for privacy. This home is 1,622 square feet but like most Ju-Nels, it feels much larger. Another bonus is that for $315,000 you get excellent Lake Highlands schools. It's listed with Harry Morgan at Ellen Terry.

In an interview when he was 82, Lyle Rowley reflected on how he and his partner shattered the 1950's mold of boxy, ranch-style homes that proliferated across north Texas: "We designed our homes that way because it appealed to us," he said. "We didn't go into it knowing this would happen, but our open floor plans brought families together."

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