Home TV: HGTV's 'Tough As Nails' Episode 4

Last night was episode 4 of HGTV's new reality series "Tough as Nails." In case you're not up to speed, the show follows the exploits of Cindy Stumpo, the self-proclaimed "best builder" in Boston as she tries to juggle the family business, demanding clients and her personal life. Working in a male-dominated industry, Cindy Stump is tough as nails.

The Week's Episode: Cindy In Miami

Yes, just like how "Reno 911" went to Florida for the movie, "Reno 911!: Miami," Cindy leaves freezing-cold Boston for this tropical locale.
Finally an episode of "Tough as Nails" that doesn't revolve around having to turn over a house in a certain amount of days in order to make a broker open-house deadline.

Instead, Cindy takes a trek to Miami in order to visit her son Chad who is chasing his dream of being a professional golf player by attending a golf academy in Florida. While she's gone, Cindy puts her daughter Samantha in charge with the responsibility of finding her a new company office. The prospect both excites Samantha and scares her: "She's giving me room to hang myself," Samantha says fearfully.

While in Miami Cindy looks at various beachfront properties to buy in the Golden Beach area. We see her look at an assortment of million-dollar homes with such features as a waterfall that jets from the master bedroom. But there's trouble with her son Chad and his golfing. He has a bad attitude about his game.

"He's like his mom, he doesn't like to fail," Cindy professes.

Cindy and her ex-husband Joe have a heated discussion about Chad's golfing.

"You know homes, you know nothing about the game of golf!" Joe throws in Cindy's face. While shopping for Ed Hardy jackets with her mom, Cindy is left feeling like she hasn't made the right decision about letting Chad chase his golfing dream. Meanwhile, with one day left Samantha still hasn't found an office for her mom. But know what happens? She ends up finding the perfect space! Better yet, Cindy gets a call from Joe that Chad just scored a hole-in-one! There's much rejoicing.

Everything is wrapped up neatly as the entire Stumpo clan goes out for dinner. They all raise a toast in celebration. Not much seems to go wrong for the Stumpos.

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