FarmVille's first sponsored crop, peanuts, coming next week


As if Zynga wasn't making enough revenue off of Farmville via in-game Farmville Cash cards, in-store currency cards, and lead-generation advertising offers, the company is set to debut a new cash-generator in the game next week -- branded crops.

Isreali candy maker Saatchi and Saatchi revealed yesterday that they had purchased the rights to "the first ever introduction of a commercially inspired crop to the hit real-time farm simulation game." The peanut crop, which hits the game April 14, will promote the company's new "Elite Taami Nutz" bar, although the exact method of that promotion remains unclear. Perhaps the peanuts will come with some sort of in-game machine that refines the raw peanuts into bar form (which, as we all know, unleashes their awesome power).

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