FarmVille Freak Darrid's FarmVille Puppy Collection

FarmVille Freak Darrid sent us an email displaying his collection of FarmVille Puppies. Darrid is the lucky owner of all nine FarmVille Dogs. He owns each breed: Golden Retriever, Sheep Dog, and Border Collie in every color currently available.

"Here is a pic of all of the pups in various colors. I thought people might like to see them all in one place".– FarmVille Freak Darrid

It's nice to see a side by side comparison of all the Puppies on the farm. Thanks for sharing with us Darrid!

He has given his Pets the names of: Marshall, Pal, Licorice, Goldy, Dot, Buttercream, Stony, Snowflake and Woody!

Which Puppy is your favorite?

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.
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