Why I returned my iPad

why I returned my iPad
why I returned my iPad

Last Saturday at nine in the morning UPS delivered my very first Apple; the new iPad. I had high, in retrospect, unrealistic, expectations. The iPad didn't fulfill them, so I took advantage of the 14-day return policy to ship it and the keyboard dock I bought back to the company for a refund. And I'm not alone.

I don't mean to imply that the iPad was a failure; it just wasn't what I'd hoped. It is a brilliant entertainment device (aside from the lack of a Flash viewer, a major drawback.) The quality of the video is, frankly, amazing, and held at arm's length it provides a larger image than my big-screen TV a dozen feet away. The iTunes system works flawlessly. Apps are a breeze to upload. I'm not a gamer, but I bet it rocks when used that way. Best of all, it boots up in an instant.

So why didn't I love it?