The Yardless Garden

It's (finally!) almost summertime, and people across the country are storing away snow shovels and daring to dream about homegrown tomatoes and bushels of zucchini. But what to do if your otherwise-perfect rental home doesn't have a yard? (And if your landlord isn't willing to shell out $30,000 to add on a Plant Room...)

Don't just sit there staring longingly through your living room window: take the gardening party inside and grow your favorite veggies right in your window! And don't stop at potted mint or window-box basil - go all out with a full-on window farm, complete with electric irrigation system.

Enterprising Brooklynite Britta Riley - who grew up on a ranch in Texas - refused to be fenced in by her apartment. So she rigged up a system of hanging water bottles, clay pellets, plastic tubing, and an aquarium air pump to create a hanging vegetable farm in her living room.