New South Park episode roasts Facebook and FarmVille


FarmVille's officially entered the American cultural zeitgeist. Need proof? Look no further than last night's South Park, which starred Cartman, Kyle and crew's newfound obsession with Facebook, and included several nods to FarmVille (and Cafe World) throughout the episode.

'FarmVille' wasn't mentioned by name, but Zynga's hit game makes an appearance on Kyle's computer as well as several references to virtual farming and starting a farm on Facebook.

(Starting at 00:23) "Stan, you don't get how cool Facebook has become. You can message your friends, play Yahtzee with your friends and even start a virtual farm and your friends can visit it."

Of course, this is South Park we're talking about, and the episode goes on to scorch -- with painfully funny accuracy -- Web phenom Chatroulette and the true meaning of a Facebook 'friend.' The full show will be available soon, but, in the meantime, you can take it in through drips and drabs on the South Park Studios site.