Renters Targeted by Needy Sites

renters are romancedSpring is all about romance between birds and bees. And lately, it's also about the romance between renters and the sites that once snubbed them.

First the developers snubbed, then embraced renters. Now, real estate agency websites are wising up, too. Suddenly, the renter has a few more suitors. But who among them really "gets" the renter?

The Wall Street Journalreports that several online websites initially geared toward home owners are now actively seeking renters. Among them: Trulia, Zillow,,, and They didn't mention because, hey, we've been focused exclusively on the renter since Day One. (Who luvs ya, renter?)

It's no surprise these guys are picking out flowers and making mixed tapes for renters... there's a lot at stake.
For starters, vacancies. The WSJ reports that "vacancies are still at 30-year highs." Filling a rental is absolutely necessary to keep landlords financially afloat, and, so it's no surprise that they and their agency websites are ready to wine and dine you.

Home ownership rates are falling and so more attention is being paid to renters, too. And now renters are enjoying a bit more prestige. It's been discovered that some renters choose to stay renters despite having the financial resources to buy a home. At the same time, people are reevaluating the value of keeping a mortgage - particularly if it is underwater. Attitudes about mortgages are shifting among younger people as they see banks walk away scot-free, too.

But don't go getting to full of yourself from all this attention, dear renter.

Sadly, the renting market is poised to level out, effectively ending the party renters have recently enjoyed. So, take our "we've-always-been-there-for-you" advice: lock in that long-term lease now for the best rental rates.

And just so you know - you had us at hello.
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