PetVille furniture decorates dens and rec rooms

petville recreation furniture
Last week, PetVille hinted on its fan page that new den suited furniture and recreation room decor would be coming to the store. Sure enough, the new decorations were released and personally, I think they're the best batch yet.
PetVille den
The recreation furniture includes wild decorations like poker tables, pinball machines, and even an awesome mechanical bull. With these new items it's finally possible to make the studly-est of recreation rooms. The room now easily has the potential to be the best room in your humble PetVille abode.
The den items, while not as awesome as the rec room furniture, are definitely unique. In addition to the FishVille aquarium, there are wall hangings, fireplaces, and more, to help your den feel as cozy and as personal as possible.

To find the new items, head to the furniture store and click to head to either the Recreation or Den floor. Then scroll across to check out all the new items. Beware: many of the coolest things cost large amounts of PetCash. Luckily, a copious amount of stuff goes for simple Coins. Make sure to head over to the PetVille mall and browse around yourself.
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