Nicolas Cage Auction Is A Dud

Ouch. Nicolas Cage's Bel Air home had no bidders at a foreclosure auction held at the Pomona courthouse yesterday, reports Luxist. His Malibu properties -- hundreds of acres prime for development -- were also auctioned at a separate liquidation. No takers there either, reports TMZ.

As his debt and real estate woes drag on, the actor is beginning to resemble some of the sad-sack characters he has played over the years. But why can't he unload some pretty nice property?

A Los Angeles Times article suggested that the lack of interest in the Bel Air home may have something to do with the "frat house bordello" decor, featuring "300 comic book covers elaborately framed and hanging on the walls" and model train sets circling the ceiling in several rooms. But that's not why the house didn't sell.