New video series: The $15 Gourmet


Welcome to a delicious new WalletPop video series: The $15 Gourmet.

If you're like us, you love the TV cooking shows, but you can't always repeat the recipes at home. They often use ingredients that are too expensive, too hard to find, or they take too much prep time.

So WalletPop is doing the work for you. We're asking the world's greatest chefs to put their expertise to work for you and devise dishes for two that are easy to make and inexpensive to prepare, but without sacrificing restaurant-quality flavors. Where a pricey ingredient might stress your budget, WalletPop's savvy chefs know the right ingredients to replace it, bringing sublime, cleanly prepared meals within your reach.

The $15 Gourmet's first guest is Chef Tony Singh, born and bred in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and the chef-owner of Tony's Table, Ugly Bread Bakery (which prepares his signature "ugly bread"), and his flagship restaurant, Oloroso, which has stunning rooftop views of the famous Edinburgh Castle.

Singh came to New York City to celebrate National Tartan Day for Scotland Week, the annual global tourism festival (this year, April 3 to 10) put on by Visit Scotland, the official Scottish tourism booster. Scotland has marked this year the Year of Food and Drink to show people that contrary to culinary clichés, Scotland is, in fact, rich with fresh foods and skilled chefs.