Happy Pets: Rules of the New Nursery

After finally bringing players some "No Pets Allowed" storage space in the form of a new attic, Happy Pets has now decided to build a "Newborns Only" Nursery over in the next room.

Happy Pets Nursery Room
Happy Pets Nursery Room

Now this is a lovely idea and the room itself is beautiful, but just like the storage attic, there's a hefty price tag attached to it. There's also a bunch of rules involved.

We'll start off with the price... to unlock the Nursery, you're going to need either 20 Facebook Credits or 300 Coins along with 40 neighbors friended. (Yes, you read that right. And we thought it was harsh when the storage space was asking for 25 neighbors. But 40?)

Now, here are the RULES:
- The store is functional in the Nursery, but limited. You cannot buy pets or pet accessories when you are in the Nursery.
- You cannot move already born pets into the Nursery.
- Nursery starts with a base of 4 Pet capacity but increases by +2 Pet capacity every 3 levels
- Babies are not allowed to "Hatch" in the Nursery (you must move baby basket to another room in the house before you can hatch it)

If you have at least 40 neighbors, then:
Level 1-2 gets 4 slots
level 3-5 gets 6 slots
level 6-8 gets 8 slots
level 9-11 gets 10 slots and so on...

Gameplay Changes:
- User must now "Grow Up" a baby in order to receive
- You'll need to click on the basket when the baby has completed its growth cycle (instead of being automatically born when entering the game)

Everything above, from the Rules down, is the official word from Crowdstar at the Happy Pets Community forum.