FarmVille missing puppy glitch: Try finding Fido using these tips


FarmVille released adorable puppies in the game on April 7, but players have been finding that once they buy a puppy -- it completely disappears. Zynga says this is a known bug that has yet to be fixed. In the meantime, here are a few tips on possible ways to locate your lost puppy.

farmville missing puppies glitch -- allow follow
farmville missing puppies glitch -- allow follow

1. Once the puppy arrives on the farm, box it in with hay bales, fencing or other objects so it stays put.
2. The puppies apparently like to run around the farm, and some have found their pooch lingering underneath groups of trees.
3. You can make your puppy follow your farmer, right click and select 'Allow Follow' from the dropdown menu.
4. If you still can't find your puppy, you might be able to see the food bubble which will appear the next time its hungry.

If you still can't find Fido, lodge a complaint with Zynga and then sit tight until the problem is fixed.

Have any other tips on how to find your lost FarmVille puppy? Did your puppy go missing?

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