FarmVille dog profiles: Border Collies, Golden Retriever, Sheepdogs, Terriers

UPDATE: On April 20, FarmVille rolled out a new breed of puppy -- the Terrier. There's two Terriers, one that can be purchased for 5,000 coins and must be fed for 14 days or else it will run away. A second Terrier, which costs 65 FV cash will never run away. Both are equally adorable!

farmville terrier arrives

On April 7, the long-awaited FarmVille dogs finally arrived. There are three breeds of dogs -- Border Collies, Golden Retriever and Sheep Dog, each with a few customizable options.

There are two types of Border Collies: one as a sort of trial puppy that you can purchase for 300K coins. Why is this a trial dog? Well, it only comes with one bag of kibble, and if you don't feed it for the next 14 days, it will run away. That means you'll need to ask friends to send you kibble as a free gift or purchase more for 5 FV4 each in the Market. The trial Collie can be named, a male or female, but only comes with red fur.

farmville border collie coins

The second Border Collie costs 65 FV$ (about $12)-- definitely an investment for only the biggest FarmVille fanatics. Unlike the trial Border Collie, this premium version of the dog can be male or female, comes with red, chocolate and black colored fur and be named. Also until the trial Collie, this version comes with 14 days of kibble, feed it every day so it will grow up and be able to 'work with other animals.' What that means exactly remains to be seen -- guess we'll find out in the next two weeks.

farmville border collie FV $farmville golden retriever puppies

Another breed of dog is the Golden Retriever, available with gold, cream mahogany fur (plus can be male or female and be named). This dog costs 65 FV$ and also comes with 2 weeks' worth of kibble. Once this puppy's full grown it 'can fetch things for you.'

farmville sheepdog puppy

The third and final FarmVille dog is the Sheepdog, available in white, black or gray fur (plus can be male or female and be named). This dog costs 65 FV$ and also comes with 2 weeks' worth of kibble. Once it grows up, it can help harvest sheep.

It's great that these dogs will be able to help out around the farm -- especially considering the price you have to pay to acquire one -- but just how helpful they will be remains to be seen. Check back in 14 days to get the full scoop.

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