Does Your Home Match Your Lifestyle?

Why go to all the trouble of being a movie star, vineyard owner, golf pro or naturalist, when you can just live like one -- in a spanking new high-rise or community where you have tons of amenities and are surrounded by neighbors just like you?

Whether you are an urban sophisticate, a foodie boomer or a nature-loving family, there is a community that fits your lifestyle to a tee.

At least, that's the concept that real estate developers have been increasingly hawking over the past few years. These lifestyle residences may be urban or suburban, high-end or middle class, and targeted at anyone from the young and hip to "active adults" (you know, empty nesters who might or might not be retired and are not ready to call themselves seniors). There's actually a consulting firm in Chattanooga, TN, whose business is helping developers "define lifestyles and market communities."

Here's a look at some of the latest lifestyle options -- and a prediction for the next housing trend.